Installing twee

Twee is written in Haskell - so you will need to have GHC, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, installed. The easiest way is to install Stack, a Haskell package manager, from here. Then run

stack install twee twee-lib jukebox minisat

which should put a copy of twee in your ~/.local/bin directory. You can either add ~/.local/bin to your PATH or copy the twee binary somewhere more convenient.

If you have a suitable version of LLVM installed, you can pass the option --flag twee-lib:llvm to stack install to get a somewhat faster binary.

If you want a tarball of the latest version, you can get it here. To install it, just type stack install.

Installing from binary

If you use Linux on amd64 you can download a binary release.

System on TPTP

Twee is also available on System on TPTP (thanks Geoff!)